Saturday, 13 August 2011

Stuart Hughes speaks!

Finally, a word from the man himself. In a disarmingly friendly but short email sent last night, Stuart Hughes confirmed what we already knew: “The yacht and house don’t exist, not in gold anyway”.

The releases were issued to drive traffic to his website.

“We do a lot of promos because we also have a lower-end business, Goldstriker. So a lot of traffic helps these sales too,” he said.

Interestingly, he claimed that the world’s most expensive suit at £600,000 and Rolls Royce containing 120kg of gold (both mentioned below) were real, although he wasn’t able to offer any proof: “You have to take my word for this.”

“I’ve learned over the years there is no such thing as official, people just use it [the press releases], time to time,” he added.

So there you have it: Man issues press releases about fantastical products and world's press fails to pick up the phone to check if they exist.

I’ll have to find something else to obsess about now.

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