Monday, 3 August 2009

The problem with press week

The first week of every month means only one thing – mindless, repetitive reading. Something like 90 editorial pages must be scrutinised for the tiniest inconsistency or mistake. After a while your brain fails and you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over, until a little bit of drool escapes the corner of your mouth. The smudged ink making crazy patterns in the growing pool of saliva is often the only thing that can break the spell… that, or lunch. What such an incessant focus on grammar, syntax and editorial consistency does is ratchet up your intolerance for even the slightest error in the wider world. I have become a person that tuts audibly and rolls their eyes at the sight of a misplaced apostrophe on a shop sign. But the thing that makes me want to smash my car into a crowd of pedestrians on the off chance that one of them does this, is when lose is spelled with an extra ‘o’. It’d be worth the jail time.


  1. Do you no what you're problem is? Your such a looser ;)

    The misplaced apostrophe is my personal bête noir. There are, however, many things that really rile me.

    Here, in Australia, things seem to be a whole lot worse than back in Blighty (if that's at all possible). Companies seem to go to a lot of expense to get glossy brochures printed or produce television ads and then don't bother proofing the content.

    One of the worst examples I saw of this was a TV ad for the electrical retailer Joyce Mayne which displayed a list of discounted items including "frigdes", I kid you not.

  2. That you could blame on poor immigrants! Most of these companies pay less for something that’s less….quality!
    And whose fault is it that English writing is so different that speaking! Why do you have to have 2 or 3 words that sound exactly the same but are spelt in 3 different ways? Not to mention the “eating letters” such as in Gloucester!