Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A pragmatist’s take on fatherhood

If our political masters were serious about solving the problem of an ageing population, they’d start highlighting some of the amazing practical benefits of having children. A couple you learn pretty quickly: the ability to jump queues in a single bound, greater exposure to cartoons, and admiring glances from women in the supermarket when out shopping alone with baby. But one of the best things about having kids is the guilt-free leverage they offer you. You want me to come round on Saturday and help you move? You know I’d love to but Emma’s not been well. Bam. Sorry I fell asleep at my desk, Emma was up crying all night and I’m totally wiped. Bam. Advertising the more profound aspects of having kids is all well and good, but just tell people they can get out of heavy lifting and you’ll have a new generation of taxpayers before you know it.

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