Monday, 17 August 2009

It all comes down to this

The final Ashes Test starts on Thursday, and it’s pretty much the biggest thing to happen to sport since some bored Englishman started throwing a ball at a tree stump and decided to make a game of it. Hopefully the third day will be the most pivotal (nothing to do with having tickets, honest), when Australia are skittled for 100 chasing a massive first innings total from England. Perversely, England’s capitulation at Headingley was the best result for the series, setting up The Oval for a titanic battle of skill and nerve. Bragging rights for the next two years are at stake, which counts double when you have a family over-flowing with Australians. The inclusion of the South African Trott for England is not the best result for cricket. Undoubtedly the selectors believed his selection was justifiable as he had been in the squad previously, but the romantics will be left wondering what could have been had Ramprakash been given the nod. Even Robert Key would have been preferable to yet another South African that sought English citizenship after taking issue with South Africa’s selection policy. Of course, I’m totally prepared to recant the above if he scores lots of runs. In fact, I’d love to be left eating my words if it means England winning back the urn.

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