Monday, 17 August 2009

Back off football

And while I’m on the subject of cricket, I’d like to express my distress at the encroachment of football on the summer sport. Didn’t the Premiership just end? I like and follow football, but it’s never off the back pages. And it’s as dull as fuck anyway – only four teams can win it. It could be made twice as watchable and twice as interesting if there were salary caps, limits of foreign players, pure-capital ownership (which would end this ridiculous system where teams like Liverpool have to scramble for further bank financing to service their debt mountains), and an Aussie Rules-like transfer system where the bottom teams get the first pick of the best players. Naturally, this would need to be refined owing to the fact teams can be relegated and promoted, but something has to be done to break the oligopoly of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Money is fast ruining (ruined?) football – the players cost too much, they definitely earn too much, and the fans pay too much.

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  1. However, the problem with Aussie rules is towards the end of the season it becomes obvious that teams at the mid to bottom of the ladder tank on purpose in order to gain the pick of players. That is no way to play football - cheering your team to a loss - it's ridiculous. This system also needs work.