Monday, 27 July 2009

You Have Been Watching

I love Charlie Brooker, but I don’t love his new Channel 4 show, You Have Been Watching. It’s an awkward fit for Brooker, who finds himself on a ‘proper’ TV channel trying to appeal to an audience that’s just too broad. This does two things – it dilutes some of the insider humour that made him so funny on the more fringe channels; and it makes him and his three guests seem like kids trying to out-cool each other by saying fuck. The fact is Brooker is much better on lesser-known channels where he is sought out by malcontents like me who love his acerbic wit, rather than paraded on the Channel 4 stall like some kind of sweary Noel Edmonds. He’s also much more destructive when providing comment on TV shows like this, instead of sitting as host to three paid-for guests who have pre-prepared answers to what are pretty insipid questions. There are funny moments, no doubt, but this the first Brooker program that has me saying “Meh”.

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